3 Key Reasons Why It’s Important to Keep a Clean Office

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Tidy office tidy mind but does it increases productivity?

Many of us will spend more time at the office than we will do at home so keeping a clean office seems like a good idea but is there more to it than that?

All businesses spend lots of management time trying to squeeze as much from resources as possible but how many start by looking at the office cleanliness?

We highlight just three key reasons why it’s important to keep a clean office.

Time Management – How much time is wasted within your organisation each day looking for paperwork, files, equipment, etc.?

It’s said that the average employee spends 1.5 hours per day (approximately six weeks a year) looking for things! Now multiply this across your organisation, and it’ll make your eyes water at the lost productivity by not having an organised office. The structure is critical to a highly productive and fluid office. In every company, there’s some better than others at applying organisation to their process. Why not appoint this person to be your ‘Structure Champion’, and let them take control of ensuring everyone knows where everything is and how to get their hands on it quickly.

Staff Welfare – Cleanliness of an office can affect the state of mind and physical wellbeing of employees.

Clutter can have adverse effects on the happiness of the workers. Several studies have highlighted the emotional affects an untidy desk can have let alone an office. The same studies suggest that it doesn’t just affect those who’s with the messy desk, but many of their colleges around them. Co-workers start to view the messy desk person as unreliable. Someone who’s organisational skills cannot be trusted to deliver a task on time. In turn, this leads to disharmony in the team which results in friction and stress. Encourage all to keep a tidy desk especially at the end of every day.

Health & Safety – Dirty office cups, leftover food, empty discarded boxes and overflowing bins all pose hazards.

How many of us have worked in an office where the sink is piled high at the end of each day with dirty mugs and cups? Giving a breeding ground for bugs can only be a bad thing for both the employee and employer. Setting aside how overflowing bins and dumped waste packaging looks to visiting clients, an appreciation to the hazards such possess to safety is paramount. Avoiding trips, falls and much worse is critical to every business. The health and safety of employees must always be a priority. Ensuring there are adequate waste containers combined with a culture of recycling can be a valuable investment in the fight to maintain a clean office.

When looking at the cleanliness of an office start from the bottom and work your way up with Nu-Life Floorcare.

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Mike Philbin

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