Deep Clean: Ensure School’s Not Out Before Summer!

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It’s been a hard winter with the dreaded Norovirus striking all over the UK even leading to the closure of schools!

Could a deep clean now prevent an outbreak in your office or school in the future?

In a few weeks, it’ll be spring and hopefully as the sun comes out the bugs doing the rounds will be suppressed. But that’s the point; they are only laid dormant for a period raising their ugly heads once again when the winter months arrive. Unless, the effort is made to eradicate the bug from your office, home or school via a deep clean. Each year the effects of viruses appear to be getting worse. When it hits the office, home or school it spreads like wild fire wiping out staff for days and weeks at a time. This winter it’s been so severe for some that it has led to the closure of schools, and businesses. Only reopening when the premises have received a full and proper deep clean to cleanse both working and public areas.

Deep Clean: Kills All Known (& Unknown) Germs. Dead!

The loss of productivity to UK businesses and disruption to children’s education is significant every year. Unfortunately, many only react once ‘the horse has bolted’. Commissioning a deep clean after an outbreak has brought their business or school to a grinding halt. Spring is almost upon us so now is the time to think about a good old spring clean. One with a difference. A deep clean involves a bottom to top and top to bottom thorough clean ensuring every nook and cranny is free of all breeding grounds for the lurking bugs. A daily mop maintains a clean look but doesn’t reach the parts a deep clean does to rid your environment of the potential danger. As the old saying suggests, what you can’t see can hurt you.

Looking for a Top of Class Performance?

For over 30 years Nu-Life Floorcare has been the bastions of the deep clean. From schools to offices, to homes of all shapes and sizes, our team of cleaning experts has delivered a safe and bug-free environment allow our customers to maintain their activity while others pay the penalties of poor hygiene maintenance. Using the latest technologies and chemical free products, Nu-Life Floorcare is prepared to work with you to ensure minimal disruption during your deep cleaning process.

Spring into action and use the coming weeks and months to prepare your work or school environment to withstand the inevitable arrival of the norovirus and other nasty lurgy.

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Mike Philbin

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