Concrete Floor Polishing

If you’re looking for professional concrete floor polishing from a reputable company, then you’ve come to the right place. Nu-Life Floor Care has over 35 years of experience of restoring all types of floor coverings across the UK.

In recent years, polished concrete has become the “must have” floor covering for homes and businesses.  Using one of the worlds most advanced concrete floor polishing systems, the team at Nu-Life bring the WOW-factor back to dull, sad looking concrete flooring.

This unique process includes:

  • Resurfacing of the concrete flooring
  • Using multi-stage diamond resurfacing and polishing discs
  • Applying lithium based hardeners
  • Ultra-fine polishing, completed with an application of our highly penetrative impregnating seal, which protects the stone… and your investment.

In the pictures to the right and below, you can see the transformation we obtain when we’re concrete floor polishing.  This particular floor was rough, scratched, old and worn out.

These are the jobs we enjoy the most.  Why? because we see the look of amazement on our clients’ faces, when they see their newly restored, fabulously polished, concrete floors.

Once we’re finished, concrete floors look incredible… even better than new!  The reflection on the concrete is perfect and ultra smooth to the touch – an amazing transformation from a once, rough and dull looking floor.  Another happy client and another happy team.

Results like this aren’t rare for us, when we carefully and considerately undertake our step by step concrete polishing process.

The process of polishing your concrete will vary depending on the level of damage.  If the surface is rough or damaged severely, then we’ll use metal bond diamond abrasives (that’s the techie bit) to cut the damage back and smooth out the floor.

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Once the concrete floor is flat, we’re ready to start the polishing process using the most advanced resin set concrete floor diamond polishing discs available.  This a normally a 5-Stage polishing process that meticulously closes the concrete up to an ultra-fine, smooth finish.

During the grinding and polishing process, we apply a Lithium Silicate Hardener at different stages, this hardens the concrete and gives it much more structure and strength.

Once the fine polishing process is complete, we apply a low-odour solvent based concrete impregnating sealant.  Then, using an ultra-high speed polishing machine, we buff, clean and polish the concrete floor to an amazing reflective finish.

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Don’t forget – you’re comforted by by our 100% Money Back Guarantee:-

“If you’re not completely happy with our work, we’ll return as a matter of urgency and correct any areas of concern for free. If you’re still not 100% happy – You Don’t Pay – Not One Penny”.

We couldn’t be fairer than that could we?

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I had my wooden floor restored by Nu-Life. It’s now probably better than when it went down brand new and I’m thrilled with the quality of the work and the workmanship.

Chris, Bramhall


I had my travertine floor restored by Nu-Life. What with wear and tear and dog’s running across the floor all the time, holes had started to appear. I called Nu-Life to see if they could help and it’s now better than when it was first put down.

Jane, Worsley


Thank you Nu-Life.  You managed to remove all the stains that had been in the carpet for ages.  I have to be honest and say I didn’t for one minute think that you would remove them.  Thank you again.

Eileen Johnson, Congleton