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Concrete Polishing Manchester

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If you’re looking for Concrete Polishing in Manchester, you’ve come to the right place.  Nu-Life Floor Care has over 30 years experience of restoring all types of floor coverings across the UK, and we’ve carried out concrete floor polishing services for hundreds of clients.

In recent years, polished concrete has become the must have floor covering for homes and business. Using one of the worlds most advanced Concrete Floor Polishing systems, we bring the WOW factor back to dull, sad looking concrete flooring.

This unique process includes: – Resurfacing of the concrete flooring, using multistage diamond resurfacing and polishing discs.  Also, applying lithium based hardeners, followed by ultra-fine polishing and completed with an application of our highly penetrative, impregnating seal which protects the stone, and your investment.

If you would like a concrete floor polishing Manchester quotation, fill in the quick and easy form below and we’ll be in touch a quickly as humanly possible.

Concrete polishing manchester by Nu-Life Floor Care

Concreate Floor Polishing by NuLife

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