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Prevention is better than catching the virus.
There’s never been a more important time to Clean and Sanitise Our Homes and Businesses.

What is Coronavirus?

Coronaviruses are a huge family of viruses.  Many of which, circulate among our population causing mild illnesses, such as the common cold.  However, the virus causing coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a new strain first identified in China. Health experts around the world continue to learn more about this new strain.

The virus has symptoms associated with respiratory illnesses, including fever, cough and shortness of breath. It seems to spread like other respiratory illnesses as well, primarily through person-to-person contact.

Preventing Coronavirus

Importantly, everyone needs to be prepared to invest in cleaning for health and not just on a personal level when washing hands correctly.  In fact, we are now cleaning to stay alive!

There’s never been a more critical time to clean and sanitise professionally.  Targeted hygiene practices can go a long way to help keep families’ safe.

The Coronavirus is easily spread by infected people, who might be coughing or sneezing and this action can make the virus airborne.

Airborne droplets of the virus can land on inanimate objects or people’s clothes.  Making hand contact with these surfaces can allow you to pick up the droplets, then they can be spread further, by cross contaminating yourself, or other clean or dirty surfaces or even by touching other people.

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Let Nu-Life

Protect your Environment


We are able to provide you with a rapid response when you call.  Fogging of our eco-friendly, natural biocide into the ambient air within buildings like Hospitals, Schools, Offices, Trains, Buses, Aeroplanes or even larger places like Airports or Train station concourses, where many hundreds or thousands of people are going to be passing through, can dramatically, reduce airborne transmissions of the virus.

Our SAFE, Hypochlorous disinfection liquid can be the answer to resolve many of the disinfection challenges that the virus is causing.

Also, Disinfection of Your Hands, Surfaces or the Ambient Air That You Are Breathing by Misting with our specialist products kills the Coronavirus in under 15 seconds, it can be safely used on your hands, face, hair, clothes or any hard & soft surfaces.

Amazingly, being non-toxic to people, it can be misted, while people are present within a room or a closed environment.

Clients Reviews

What People Say


With more than 40,000 valued clients backing us, plus over 35 years of experience providing decontamination across Cheshire, Manchester, & Stockport areas, you’re given the confidence and the peace of mind that when you choose Nu-Life, you’re choosing the best of the best. Plus, we’ll be on hand to help you with any problems you may have in the future.

So, If the character of your room is looking a little sad and feeling neglected, call us now to revive your home or workplace. You’ll be blown you away with the results!

Our  Reviews

We had our floors repaired and sanded (living room and dining room) at the beginning of the January lockdown. We were nervous about having someone in the house but the guy could not have been more professional. He always wore a mask, used antibac and was very considerate of us having the family in the house. The floor is beautiful, and though not the cheapest quote we had, worth every penny.
Deborah Simms
Deborah S.
The knowledge of floors that Mike and the Team at Nu-Life have is immense. Their advice on using the right type of flooring is valuable and along with great floor cleaning products makes this our Go-to place for all our flooring.
Julie Jackson
Julie J.
Very skilled at what they do, our stone floors always look like new after they carried out the professional cleans. The Nu-life team are also great to work with!
Anna Metcalfe
Anna M.
These guys are always very polite and professional. They clearly know what they're doing. I would 100% recommend!
Mark Heywood
Mark H.
Simply the most professional floor care outfit I have come across in the North of England. Their depth of knowledge and expertise is second to none with specialists in each field of floor restoration you can guarantee whoever turns up to do the job will know what they are doing.
Terry Guilford
Terry G.
Having been introduced to Nu-Life when I came into the Contract Cleaning Industry, I was impressed with their professionalism from the start. Their promptness to answer queries and get quotes out to us is reassuringly impressive and leaves me in no doubt that I wouldn't need to look elsewhere. Every now and again I do price check Nu-Life but have found that the value for money we get as a business is second to none. I need to be able to ask them to meet Clients on our behalf and have never had any impropriety happen and would always be happy for them to represent our company. The finished product we receive is always First Rate and I look forward to many more years doing business with Nu-Life Floor Care.
Rick Dyer
Rick D.
I have been associated with Nu-Life Floor Care for many years now and have always found their managament, office administrators and operatives to be very user friendly and helpful, nothing is to much trouble for them.Just recently we had some external ceramic floor tiling laid by a contractor. The end result was very poor as the tile adhesive had damaged the majority of the tiles and we couldn't get the contractor to return to site.I phoned Nu-Life Floor Care to help us out and they were there the next day. They deep cleaned the whole area and the results were amazing.Thank you Nu-lifeHoward BroomeFacilities Manager
Howard Broome
Howard B.
Hi Mike,My Carpets look amazing, yes please send me a money saving voucher, i look forward to using Nu-life in the future, great service and friendly helpful staff.All the best Jean
Jean Brookfield
Jean B.
Having just bought a new house we noticed that the carpets were really mucky, the previous owner must have never taken his shoes off and encouraged his rugby team mates to wander through!I thought options replace the carpet "cash was short" get someone into have a look and went for the latter and was really happy they turned up on time and really friendly and helpful. Did an amazing clean to the extent we found the real colour again and generally amazing service!
Steve wild
Steve W.
Nu-life came nice and early to our house and by the time I got back from work, I had what looked like a brand new floor. They had cleaned and tidied after themselves and there was absolutely no inconvenience to me.The staff were cheerful and hardworking and overall the company was a pleasure to deal with.I'm getting them back to do my patio for the summer.Thanks Nu-life!
Katy Attwood
Katy A.


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