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A common problem we come across when Marble Cleaning in Manchester is lippage. Invariably, this is due to incorrect fitting of the tiles. Basically, it’s when one edge (or all edges) are higher than the adjoining tiles.

See the picture below and you’ll understand exactly what is meant when we refer to lippage.

This was one such occasion when we were asked to provide a complete restoration and Marble Cleaning of a beautiful floor laid in a large kitchen dining area. The floor was newly laid but had sever lippage along with stun marks (chips) in various areas.

So, the first process was to protect all floors and walls areas leading to the work area. Kitchen units and other items were also protected.

The lippage and stun marks was removed using specialist lippage removal discs, slowly and carefully grinding the stone level. Once this process had been successfully completed we progressed to polishing with four different processes to finely polish the marble, slowly building a shine

This was continued until the desired effect our client required was obtain.

The process was completed by cleaning and neutralizing with our specially formulated Natural Stone Cleaner and white pad to remove any lingering residues. Finally applying Staingard SB our extremely durable and hard wearing impregnator/protector

Our client was overjoyed and as you’ll see from the pictures below a wonderful example of a craftsman’s knowledge and expertise when Marble Cleaning Manchester.

Well done to our Craftsmen Tech Steve Twigg and Jason Leyland

Marble Polishing