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Nu-Life Floor Care put the WOW back into Marble Polishing in Wilmslow at Queens Court, one of the most prestigious office buildings in the area. Although maintained on a daily basis by the contract cleaners using standard mop and clean techniques the floor was dull, sad looking and in need of Nu-Life’s Specialist Marble Polishing.

A common problem we come across, not just when Marble Polishing Wilmslow but on numerous Marble Polishing contracts throughout the UK is “Lippage”. This is where a tile or tiles are slightly higher to the adjacent tile which can also cause numerous challenges such as “picture framing” (a topic for another blog).

Back to Marble Polishing Wilmslow… The first job was to remove all the excess lippage” to level out the complete floor. This is done by specialist diamond grinding with our unique Cheetah Puck Step 1 System, an intricate combination of different diamonds enclosed in discs.  All the tiles were then thoroughly rinsed in readiness for Marble Polishing process,

Step 2 of the new and unique Cheetah Puck System was used to slowly and carefully diamond grind the tiles, removing any scratches and blemishes. During this process the mirrored shine is beginning to develop.

Before the last process of fine polishing is undertaken all the tiles were rinsed and cleaned with our own formulated, Natural Stone Cleaner, which has been derived from natural plant extracts for a safer environment.

This is where we go that extra mile, producing the ultimate, plush and extraordinary deep mirrored finish.

Here we use an 11,000 pad encrusted with micro diamonds and a fine polishing powder to create the unrivaled, highly polished surface. Finishing off with an application of Nu-Life’s Stain Gard SB an incredibly strong and durable Impregnator/sealer to protect against both oil and water based spills.

I’m sure you’ll agree looking at the pictures below, the finished job was a stunning masterpiece and testament to the skill and commitment of our technician Steve Twigg when Marble Polishing Wilmslow