Marble Worktop Cleaning

Marble Worktop Cleaning Manchester

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Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium was the setting for the Nu-Life team to display their expertise as the areas finest, when Marble Worktop Cleaning Manchester.

The worktops were a little sad and dull looking. Time had taken over and they had long since lost their shine, vitality, plushness and pride. Unfortunately, they had become just another work surface in what is regarded as one of the finest and most exclusive kitchens and executive restaurants in world football.

With a daily intake of various food stuffs, spills and everything else we tend to place on a worktop, this marble worktop was just waiting to be rejuvenated to a condition the Executive Pastry Chef demanded.

But, we’re sure you’ll agree, the results you see in the picture are stunning!

Marble worktop cleaning Manchester is an intricate process which requires expert knowledge and the very best of marble worktop cleaning diamonds, solutions, equipment and of course, craftsman’s expertise.

Prior to the work commencing, all adjacent areas were protected.  This was followed by a deep clean of the marble to remove any contamination from foodstuff, spillages and previous cleaning solutions.

Then, the real work begins, by delicately and considerately, diamond polishing the stone with the fastest polishing system on the planet along various grades of diamonds, to slowly develop a crystal clear, ultra-fine finish, which I’m sure you’ll agree, looks absolutely amazing.

The final process is clean with anti-bacterial solutions, followed by an application of a safe, strong, durable and invisible protective, finish, which absorbs into the stone, not only to protect the surface but also to protect from within the stone to ensure long lasting results.  And of course, the finest Marble Worktop Cleaning Manchester

“Special praise to Steve Twigg our Technician”

Mike Philbin

Mike Philbin

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