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One of our most challenging jobs this month was quarry tile cleaning and restoration of the 150 year old floor tiles in the English Heritage Grade 11 Listed Building, Trinity House in Sale.

Great care was needed during the quarry tile cleaning and restoration as it was vitally important to retain the character of the floor.   Years of adhesives, dirt and grime were all meticulously removed by hand, using specially formulated stripping agents.  This was followed by an intense quarry tile cleaning programme, incorporating diamond encrusted brushes and low odour, soil releasing agents.

Once the quarry tile cleaning process had been completed, seven coats of our own formulations of natural stone sealer and natural stone gloss, were carefully applied to give the floor stronger durability and of course, to ensure our clients desired finish was obtained.

Looking at the pictures, we’re sure you’ll agree, our technician Steve Twigg has performed a great job that we can all be proud of.