Marble & Stone Floor Cleaning

You’ve made a wise choice. Nu-Life Floor Care is the UK’s only total floor care company awarded the prestigious ISO 9001 certification, which is an internationally recognised standard, demonstrating commitment to quality and customer satisfaction as well as continuous improvement.

Add to that with our Safe Contractor and Constructionline status and you can have complete confidence when you hire us to restore your floors.

We acquired these awards because we are nationally recognised for our excellent customer service, safety and our ethical views. There’s no doubts, our approach to floor care and your absolute satisfaction deserves an award because it’s second to none!

Nu-Life Floor Care’s specially trained craftsmen provide you with the most in-depth and comprehensive cleaning of tiles & stone, and provide you with an excellent restoration service for all types of natural and man-made stone.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Our services include tiles, grout, slate, limestone, marble floor cleaning and more, and we are also vastly experienced in marble floor polishing. Our results are second to none, and we are passionate about the level of professional floor restoration we provide. We understand that the floor within a room can take a lot to maintain. No matter how often you personally clean you flooring, it’s impossible to obtain the standard of a professionals expertise.

That’s why we guarantee to improve the appearance of your floors to your satisfaction and if you’re not completely happy we’ll return as a matter of urgency and restore the areas of concern until you are happy

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Proper maintenance of a floor, is a BIG job

Home owners and business owners just don’t have the time or equipment to achieve the look that we can achieve. You have your own lives to lead and business to run.

Do you need more of a reason to choose Nu-Life to for cleaning your marble floor? Well our commercial appeal extends greater than creating amazing results.

Low odour – Safe products

You and your flooring also benefit from us using and applying our own low-odour treatments. These handcrafted treatment seals have been formulated and derived from natural plant extracts and produced by our sister company, Nu-Life Stone Care here in Cheshire.

Every product we carefully produce is guaranteed to remove any stain (unless it’s a permanent stain) in an ecological way. The presentation of your home or workplace will dramatically improve once you’ve tried and hired Nu-Life Floorcare. You are guaranteed to be blown away by our amazing service and incomparable results.

Why do we manufacture our own products?

Quite honestly, we don’t consider the other floor cleaning and restoration products available on the market to be good enough and at the same time, safe enough. And, well, there’s no other way to say it but most other products smell awful!

Being environmentally kind is always at the fore front of our minds here at Nu-life. We just don’t think using chemically overloaded products is the best way to treat our environment, let alone our floors. Think of it this way; if dirt can erode stone over time, imagine what a cocktail of man-made chemicals can do. We believe in caring for floors gently – this way they look amazing for much longer.

So, we set about producing fast working stripping agents, durable, long lasting tile sealers, protector impregnators, along with colour enhancers to rejuvenate and revive the gallery of colours and the innate beauty of your stone.

And yes, the overriding factor in all this was safety for you, your family and/or work colleagues and of course not forgetting the safety of our own staff when using the products in confined spaces. There are no acids in our formula as they are damaging. Each solution has a natural PH level.

Daily use of these fantastic products will not be harmful to you, your floor or our staff. Everyone’s a winner!

We’re very proud of the products we’ve been able to create. They are safe and finish the job perfectly. Your floors will look spectacular because you’ve chosen us and we’ve chosen to care.

We even train other companies!

Nu-Life Stone Care our sister company, provides the industry’s most sought after Stone Restoration Training Courses with individuals and companies traveling from all over the UK and Europe to be personally trained by Mike Philbin, Nu-Life’s Contracts Manager and the UK’s only qualified Internal Stone Failure Investigator.

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Don’t forget – you’re comforted by by our 100% Money Back Guarantee:-

“If you’re not completely happy with our work, we’ll return as a matter of urgency and correct any areas of concern for free. If you’re still not 100% happy – You Don’t Pay – Not One Penny”.

We couldn’t be fairer than that could we?

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I had my wooden floor restored by Nu-Life. It’s now probably better than when it went down brand new and I’m thrilled with the quality of the work and the workmanship.

Chris, Bramhall



I had my travertine floor restored by Nu-Life. What with wear and tear and dog’s running across the floor all the time, holes had started to appear. I called Nu-Life to see if they could help and it’s now better than when it was first put down.

Jane, Worsley



Thank you Nu-Life.  You managed to remove all the stains that had been in the carpet for ages.  I have to be honest and say I didn’t for one minute think that you would remove them.  Thank you again.

Eileen Johnson, Congleton