Tile and Grout Cleaning Services from Nu-Life Floorcare

There are literally thousands of different stones used for floors, walls and worktops. In turn, there are scores of different ways of tile cleaning and grout cleaning.

Here we’re looking at how Nu-Life‘s professional tile and grout technicians provide you with the most in-depth professional tile cleaning and grout cleaning for man made tiles, which leaves your tiled surfaces in a brand “new looking” condition. Most times even better than new!

It doesn’t matter whether your tiled walls or floors are new (yes we do get asked to clean off grout haze from new tiling), one year old or even twenty years old.

Professional Tile Cleaning and Grout Cleaning Services Manchester from NuLifeFloorCare.co.ukOur professional tile cleaning and grout cleaning technicians will remove stains and discolouration from deep within the tiles and grout with great care and attention, leaving your tiles and grout sparkling bright and squeaky clean.

An invisible, strong, durable protector can also be applied to protect the tiles and grout, prevent further ingraining of soils and stains. Depending on the type of stone, many different types of floor seals can be applied, dependent on the tile and your personal preferences.

All this is discussed in the survey and because of our 30 plus years of experience in professional tile and grout cleaning, we’ll advise you what’s required to obtain the best looking results to make you proud. On completion of the work, you won’t be able to wait to show off your “brand new” tiled areas.

We don’t know anyone who enjoys cleaning tiles as much as we do. Certainly not the enthusiastic DIYer or energetic housewife who’s keen enough to possibly damage their backs, knees and elbows using off-the-shelf, household cleaners, which are simply not strong enough to do anywhere near as good a job as a professional – the video above proves it.

Our knowledge of Porcelain and Ceramic Tile cleaning products and restoration ensures the best of Porcelain Tile cleaning, ceramic tile cleaning, grout cleaning and sealing

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Here’s a peak at our Specification and Processes used to ensure your tiles and grout are cleaned to perfection
  • Room Preparation – Due to Health & Safety and insurance restrictions, we respectfully ask you to move all furniture and breakable items and any trailing cables. Our craftsmen will then carefully protect skirting boards and wall coverings, using low tack tape, waterproof plastic or waxed paper, dependent on the surfaces
  • Vacuum floor – Power vacuuming using HEPA filtration vacuum cleaners ensures the removal of loose dirt, sand and dust, making sure all the edges are dust free using edge nozzles.
  • Dry Mop – Dry mopping of all areas to be treated.
  • Stone Stripper – Application of our unique, low odour, stone stripping solution which has been specifically formulated to break down and remove old seal/polish build-ups. Then, using various grades of brushes/pads and agitation machinery we clean deep down in to the stone/grouting. Followed by, pressurized water extraction using enclosed spinning heads, providing unrivalled results.
  • Neutralization – Application of stone rinse to neutralize the surface in readiness for the stone protection treatments.
  • Drying – We install air movers to assist in speed drying of your natural stone and grouting. This speed drying is immensely important to ensure the tiles and grout are completely dry prior to impregnating.
  • Dry Mop – Dry mopping of all areas to be treated.
  • Grout Impregnation/Protection – Hand application of our low odour, high quality and extremely durable protector/impregnator, which has been specially formulated for Nu-Life to provide deep protection of your tiles and grouting. In addition, the grout has to be dry when applying the recommended additional coats of protector/impregnator. This process will help protect your grouting in the future, guarding against both oil and water based spills. And of course, you’ll find your daily maintenance of the surfaces will be easier, faster and greatly improved due to the additional protective barriers
  • Benefits – As every natural or man made surface is different and stone surfaces can be high maintenance, having the stone impregnated from day one will protect your investment. And of course, Nu-life will continue to assist and advise you with your floor daily maintenance, we’ll also advise your of the correct products to use for daily maintenance to ensure your tiles are looking great at all times.