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Sandstone Cleaning

Nu-Life Floor Care‘s professional Sandstone floor cleaning services create a beautiful and timeless stone which adds warmth, quality and luxury to any room in your home or business premises.

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock that will age naturally over time. The flooring in your house obviously sees a lot of action – with so much going on in and around your sandstone floor it’s easy for it to appear aged, lifeless and covered in dirt.

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Cleansing sandstone floors with water may make you feel like you are helping to spruce up the appearance of the floors, but in actually fact; to make your flooring look truly beautiful and to get it back to its natural state you need to call in the professionals Sandstone floor cleaners.

Our Sandstone floor cleaning team here at Nu-Life have been specially trained in the art of Sandstone cleaning perfection. To truly get your sandstone floor looking brand new you need specialist treatment and that is exactly what Nu-life provides. The products we use are safe and surface friendly. This is because to treat a sandstone floor properly you have to be gentle to reduce further damage.

We also use gentle, non-harsh and specially formulated products because we care not only about your sandstone floor but also about our staff and our environment. This is why we have been awarded an ISO 9001 accreditation. This accreditation shows that we are hardworking, that we excel in pleasing our customers, that we have a healthy work ethic and that we are environmentally friendly.

Your sandstone flagstones may be in different sized tiles. Sandstone also comes in different colours. This mix and match of tiles and the layout for you room can mean some areas of your room are more prone to dirt and grime than others. In these cases certain tiles will look duller and more aged than others. Nu-life has the ability to even out all flagstones and therefore give the appearance of and even surface once again. Your sandstone tiles will look brand new, we can guarantee that.

Nu-Life also perform a preventative programme that promises to prevent ugly spots, spills and ingrained soil. Proper care of Sandstone floors is vital to maintaining its look and longevity.

Nu-Life’s craftsmen perform the finest of Sandstone cleaning, restoration and maintenance.

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