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Slate Cleaning Manchester

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Yours slate floor will be one of the most satisfying and pleasing natural stones restored by our specialist slate floor cleaning team in Manchester. The finishes available, varies from rustic and traditional, to very smooth slates that give a natural feel. A number of treatments are available from Nu-Life Slate Cleaning Manchester to avoid scratches and building up of dirt

Slate can contain a number of vibrant colours which can be beautifully enhanced by our Slate Cleaning Manchester Craftsmen. Specialist low odour, durable, slate sealer and colour enhancers will rejuvenate and protect the natural look of your slate tiles, mesmerizing your family, friends and colleagues

To ensure longevity and protection of your slate tiles, a structured, regular maintenance programme is vital and Nu-Life’s Slate Cleaning Manchester Team can provide you with advice of how you can maintain your cherished floor yourself or the worry can be taken away from you by taking advantage of the Nu-Life Slate Cleaning Maintenance programme.

Mike Philbin

Mike Philbin

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