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Travertine Floor Cleaning

Travertine Floor Cleaning

If you’re looking for professional Travertine floor cleaning service , the team here at Nu-Life Floorcare have been providing first class Travertine floor care services since 1981 and will provide you with a safe, considerate and thoroughly effective service. And of course… amazing results!

Like other high quality stone floors, Travertine needs to be treated and maintained properly in order to hold its natural beauty. Nu-Life’s Travertine floor cleaning professionals take into account the intricate differences between Travertine and similar stones. Travertine is a natural stone such as marble, granite, Onyx, Limestone, Slate etc.

The key difference between Travertine and other natural stones lies in the formation of the rock, the hardness of the stone and the appearance.  Travertine is formed in hot springs and/or limestone caves. Importantly, it is NOT the same as Marble or Limestone which falls into the metamorphic rock category. Key characteristics of Travertine stone are the holes (more holes less quality) within the stone which are caused by carbon dioxide.

The importance of restoring Travertine correctly

Travertine is considered by many to be one of the most popular choices for stone floors.  However, due to the structure of the stone it’s vitally important to restore and maintain the stone correctly by employing a reputable company with the knowledge and experience to perform a careful and considerate Travertine floor cleaning and sealing service to greatly enhance the look and durability of any room or property, commercial or domestic.

At Nu-Life Floor Care we specialise in restoring domestic and commercial Travertine floors. Based in Stockport Cheshire, we are ISO 9001 Quality Assured, Constructionline and Safe Contractor Accredited and have been restoring the nations floors since 1981.

Add to that our 100% Money Back Guarantee, you can feel confident and assured you’ve chosen the right company to care for your cherished, Travertine floors

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We promise you a 5 Star Travertine Floor Cleaning Sealing Service

Our unique, multi-step process, ensures the floors in your home or business are restored to an amazing finish, you probably never thought possible. A finish that makes your everyday maintenance fast, easy and safe to accomplish.

As always with this type of stone, Travertine can become sad looking, scratched and stained but take a look at our before and after pictures from our Travertine Floor Cleaning Service.  We’re sure you’ll agree, the transformation is incredible.

Our 10 Steps to stunning looking travertine floors

  • Room Preparation – Due to health & safety and insurance restrictions, we respectfully ask you to move all furniture and breakable items. Our craftsmen will then carefully protect skirting boards and wall coverings, using low tack tape, waterproof plastic or waxed paper.
  • Dry Mop Dry mopping of all areas to be treated.
  • Vacuum floor – Power vacuum using HEPA filtration vacuum cleaners ensuring the removal of loose dirt, sand and dust. Making sure all the edges are dust free using edge nozzles.
  • Stone Stripper – Application of our unique stone stripping solution which will break down and remove seal/polish buildups. Then, using various grades of brushes/pads and agitation machinery we clean deep down in to the stone/grouting. This is followed by, pressurized water extraction using enclosed spinning heads, providing unrivaled results.
  • Stone Neutralisation – Application of stone rinse this will neutralise the floor ready for further treatments.
  • Stone Conditioning – Using a unique blend of natural vegetable oils, Natural Stone Conditioner will reinstate the stones natural oils and enhance its colours prior to polishing.
  • Drying – We Install air movers to assist in speed drying your natural stone and grouting.
  • Impregnation/Protection – Hand application of our reactive natural stone impregnator, which has been specially designed to protect and enhance porous stone.  This process is vital and can take a number of hours as the stone has to be completely dry prior to application.  In addition, the floor has to be dry when applying the recommended additional coats of Impregnator.  This will protect your natural stone in the future, guarding against both oil and water based spills.  And of course, your daily maintenance of the floor will be greatly improved due to the protective barrier.
  • Sealing – Application of our very own Stone Sealer, which has a unique blend of Acrylic polymers and Co-polymer resins (Resin Technology).  Stoner Sealer RT™ binds to the stone, applies a protective, hard wearing and extremely durable natural finish.  This process enhances the stone, allows it to breath naturally, and assists in keeping the surface free from daily dirt and grease build up.
  • Benefits – As every natural stone floor is different and natural surfaces are high maintenance, having the stone impregnated from day one, will protect your investment.  Nu-life will continue to assist you with your floor maintenance, we will advise you of the correct products to use ensuring your floors are looking good at all times.

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Don’t forget – you’re comforted by our 100% Money Back Guarantee:-

“If you’re not completely happy with our work, we’ll return as a matter of urgency and correct any areas of concern for free. If you’re still not 100% happy – You Don’t Pay – Not One Penny”.

We couldn’t be fairer than that could we?

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Absolutely fantastic!

I had my wooden floor restored by Nu-Life. It's now probably better than when it went down brand new and I'm thrilled with the quality of the work and the workmanship.

Chris, Bramhall


Great service every time!

I had my travertine floor restored by Nu-Life. What with wear and tear and dog's running across the floor all the time, holes had started to appear. I called Nu-Life to see if they could help and it's now better than when it was first put down.

Jane, Worsley


Maintenance Second to None!

"The monthly maintenance that is carried out by Nu-Life is second to none"

Commercial Client, Manchester 


The Best They Have Ever Been!

"Our reception stone flooring looks wonderful, the best they have ever been"

The Malmaison Hotel, Manchester 


Another Super Job!

"The pool area floors look fantastic, thank you Nu-Life for another super job"

The Radisson Edwardian Hotel, Manchester 


Amazing as always!

"The cleaning of the Ballroom and guest bedrooms was amazing as always"

The Lowry Hotel, Manchester 



"What a fantastic job you did when cleaning my carpets and rug, they are almost like new again and i will certainly be using Nu-Life again and i will be recommending you to my friends".

Barbara Swann, Hazel Grove 


Parquet Floor

"I am very happy with the work done on my parquet dinning room floor, it looks beautiful, your technician was very professional"

Mrs Murphy, Davenport 


Kitchen Floor

"i am delighted with the work carried out on my kitchen floor, i have barred the whole family from walking on it, even the dog".

Mrs Hughes, Wilmslow 


Great Carpet Cleaning

"Usual fantastic job done on my carpets, very pleased with the work done".

Mrs Davies, Bramhall 


Very Thorough Job done

"Really good clean of my lounge carpet, very thorough and will definitely have Nu-life back to complete more work in 2017

Mrs Hoffman, Hale 


The Grand Hotel Lytham St Annes

"We are really pleased with the floor, it looks amazing - like brand new, the technicians did a great job".

The Grand Hotel, Lytham St Annes


Professional Service & Competence

“Steve has just left the job and I must say what a nice guy and he's done a fantastic job.  It looks like new again, thank you so much. Once again, such a professional job and professional company”.

Andrew Gore, Liverpool


Friendly & Efficient Service

“Absolutely great, the rug has cleaned up very well.  Thank you for your friendly and efficient service”.

Ann Hearle, Mellor


Wonderful results!

"My Kitchen Floor Looks Wonderful"

Jean Burgess, Stockport


The knowledge of floors that Mike and the Team at Nu-Life have is immense. Their advice on using the right type of flooring is valuable and along with great floor cleaning products makes this our Go-to place for all our flooring.
Julie Jackson
Julie Jackson
14:49 28 Jul 15
These guys are always very polite and professional. They clearly know what they're doing. I would 100% recommend!
Mark Heywood
Mark Heywood
17:48 09 Jul 15
Simply the most professional floor care outfit I have come across in the North of England. Their depth of knowledge and expertise is second to none with specialists in each field of floor restoration you can guarantee whoever turns up to do the job will know what they are doing.
Terry Guilford
Terry Guilford
11:12 09 Jul 15
Having been introduced to Nu-Life when I came into the Contract Cleaning Industry, I was impressed with their professionalism from the start. Their promptness to answer queries and get quotes out to us is reassuringly impressive and leaves me in no doubt that I wouldn't need to look elsewhere. Every now and again I do price check Nu-Life but have found that the value for money we get as a business is second to none. I need to be able to ask them to meet Clients on our behalf and have never had any impropriety happen and would always be happy for them to represent our company. The finished product we receive is always First Rate and I look forward to many more years doing business with Nu-Life Floor Care.
Rick Dyer
Rick Dyer
16:47 19 Jan 15
Having just bought a new house we noticed that the carpets were really mucky, the previous owner must have never taken his shoes off and encouraged his rugby team mates to wander through!I thought options replace the carpet "cash was short" get someone into have a look and went for the latter and was really happy they turned up on time and really friendly and helpful. Did an amazing clean to the extent we found the real colour again and generally amazing service!
Steve wild
Steve wild
12:02 25 Jul 14
Nu-life came nice and early to our house and by the time I got back from work, I had what looked like a brand new floor. They had cleaned and tidied after themselves and there was absolutely no inconvenience to me.The staff were cheerful and hardworking and overall the company was a pleasure to deal with.I'm getting them back to do my patio for the summer.Thanks Nu-life!
Katy Attwood
Katy Attwood
12:41 01 Mar 13